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Uncle Chris at Ultimate Fitness,Nov. 200

 Christoph Klueppel, PhD. - Credentials

Ultimate Fitness Academy - Founder &  President,

NGA Education Director for South East Asia,        

ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences,

ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition, 

Guest Lecturer at various local universities (Kasetsart University)

Dr. Christoph Klueppel is a distinguished Fitness-Professional and Naturopath/Holistic Health Practitioner, who has acquired a variety of credentials, qualifications and awards throughout the past decades. 


I) Fitness-Related Credentials, Achievements & Awards :


  • Graduation with honors in Sports - Rhabanus Maurus School, Fulda, Germany (1978);

  • Study of Medicine at Karl-Franzens University in Graz/Austria (7 Semesters), therefore excellent knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, and related subjects  (1978 - 1982) ; 

  • Active Member of the competitive Olympic Weightlifting Team of Athletic Union Graz, Austria; participation in  numerous national and international weightlifting competitions  (1978-1982) ; 

  • NABBA Mr. Austria Competitor 1986 ;

  • NGA Certified Personal Trainer - Certified Knowledge of Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Nutrition, Professional Ethics and Conduct, CPR and First Aid - from National Gym Association, USA ( Jan. 1996 );

  • “Master of Fitness Sciences” - from the International Sports Sciences Association ( June 1996) ;

  • “Specialist in Performance Nutrition” - from the International Sports Sciences Association ( Oct. 1997) ;

  • Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition for attaining the highest educational standards in fitness excellence - from the International Sports Sciences Association (1998) ;

  • Certification as a Sports Massage Therapist - Euroacademie in Germany (Oct. 2004) ;

  • Guest Lecturer Certificate – from Kasetsart University, Bangkok ( 2005) ;

  • Certificate of Exclusive Appointment as the NGA Education Director for South-East-Asia - from National Gym Association, USA ( June 2005) ;

  • NGA Honorary Master Fitness Award in appreciation and recognition of pioneering contribution, dedication, life achievements, and excellence in character in the field of health and fitness training - from National Gym Association, USA (June 2005) ;

  • Honorary PhD. in Fitness Sciences - Oct. 2005



 II) Holistic Nutrition & Holistic Natural Health Credentials and Awards : 


  •  PhD. summa cum laude in Holistic Natural Health  - from College of Natural Health, USA ( 2010 ) ;

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Practitioner - from College of Natural Health, USA ( 2010) ;

  • AAMA Board-Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner - from the American Alternative Medical Association ( Sept. 2008) ;

  • S.N.H.S. Higher International Diploma in Naturopathy -  from The School of  Natural Health Sciences, London (July 2008) ;

  • S.N.H.S. Higher International Diploma in Nutrition - from The School of Natural Health Sciences, London  (Sept. 2008) ;

  • S.N.H.S. Diplomas in Herbalism & Advanced Herbalism - from The School of  Natural Health Sciences, London (2008) ;

  • S.N.H.S. Diploma in Homoeopathy - from The School of  Natural Health Sciences, London (2008) ;

  • S.A.C. Diploma in Clinical Herbalism - from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK (2008) ;

  • Registered Member of The International College of Holistic Medicine - from the International College of Holistic Medicine, Hampshire, England (Aug. 2008).

Professional Career in Thailand


Before initiating his latest fitness project in Thailand in 2016, the non-profit “ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY ” in Uthumphon Phisai, Sisaket province, Christoph established Ultimate Fitness Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, a company offering a great variety of fitness-related services; he ran its operations for more than a decade, until he finally decided to curtail the company's services with effect from Dec. 31, 2015.  The services of Ultimate Fitness Co. Ltd. did not only include commercial-grade weight-training-equipment manufacture and the installation of commercial fitness facilities, but also the highly popular Ultimate Fitness Gym on Bangkok’s Ramkamhaeng Rd., which Christoph and his associates succeeded to make well-known far beyond its vicinity, due to their dedicated and success-oriented fitness instruction and expert training assistance, provided to each and every member free of charge at each and every visit.

During most of the time period of managing Ultimate Fitness Co.,Ltd., Christoph was also employed as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant with "the bodhi", Bangkok's first and only Speed Wellness Center, affiliated with the "Holistic Medical Center", Bangkok, from September 2005 to May 2012, providing expert holistic nutrition counsel to the bodhi's clients, and designing their tailor-made exercise programs, utilizing "the bodhi's" hi-tech training equipment. During his tenure with "the bodhi", Christoph also wrote numerous competent articles on fitness-and nutrition-related subjects, which were published in various local health publications.

Before establishing Ultimate Fitness Co., Ltd. and Ultimate Fitness Gym in early 2005, and before starting to work for "the bodhi", Christoph ran the operations of Anatomic Fitness, a Fitness Club established as a joint-venture with the owners of Benz Amorn Ratchada Co., Ltd. on the premises of the Amorn Building/Bangkok.

Prior to entering into this joint venture in 2002, Christoph worked as the Fitness Manager of the Capitol Club, President Park Properties, formerly one of Thailand's most exclusive Fitness Clubs from September 1999 until January 2002. Before taking up the fitness management position at the Capitol Club, Christoph also held positions as the Fitness Manager and Fitness Consultant at a number of 4- and 5-star hotel fitness facilities in Bangkok throughout the previous some 15 years, which include the "Power Connection" Fitness Center of Chaophya Park Hotel (1992-1999), the "Royal Landmark Health Club" at the Landmark Hotel (1979-1981) and the Health Club of the Meridien President Hotel.

Prior to assuming the fitness management/consultancy of these clubs and helping to build them into first class facilities with impressive membership lists, Christoph also helped with the design,  lay-out and establishment of these fitness facilities.

Throughout his professional career in fitness management in Thailand, Christoph, who speaks German, English and Thai fluently, has often accepted guest lecturer invitations from various university physical education departments in order to let students of physical education benefit from his extensive expertise in the field of fitness sciences and physical education.

Christoph, who was awarded with the International Sports Sciences Association's Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition for attaining the highest educational standards in fitness excellence back in 1998, is a fitness professional in the truest sense of the word. His dedication to promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle has lasted throughout his professional career of more than 40 years so far.


To the Thai public, Christoph is not only well-known through his achievements in fitness management and features and articles in fitness related magazines, but also for his participation in several international action movies such as Gold III ("The Lost Idol") and Gold IV (" In Gold We Trust" ), as well as numerous Thai movies and commercials.


"Uncle Chris", as Christoph is known to friends and fans, has enjoyed this work in addition to his fitness and health endeavors, even more so since he did not intend to become an actor when he first arrived in Thailand. In many ways, this section shows what doors can open unexpectedly for you, when you live a life of fitness excellence.

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