Career Highlights -TV Commercials

Breeze Washing Powder - Thailand 1998

Chris in Breeze Commercial 1998 (2).JPG
Chris in Breeze Commercial 1998 (1).JPG
Chris in Breeze Commercial !.JPG

Burglars - March 1999
Chewing Gum Commercial

Giant scaring museum visitors.jpg
Giant carries the joker !.jpg
Giant's Big Entry.jpg
Giant with black guards.jpg
Giant with Egyptian mummy.jpg
Giant scaring visitors !.jpg
Chris in Burglars, 1999.jpg


KA Cream - May 1999, Thailand

Chris' scene with KA-girl.jpg
Chris and his troupe.jpg
Chris during interrogation.jpg
Chris with KA-girl.jpg
KA-Ad,Thai Rath,26.5.99.jpg


Zebra Pens - July 1999
Japanese Commercial, Thailand



Clinic Hair Shampoo - Oct. 1999 Thailand

Chris and Jeff.jpg
Chris and Clinic girl Doris.jpg
Chris in action.jpg


Space Odyssey - Dec. 1999, Thailand

Chris and Deer in spaceship 2.jpg
Chris in space 1_edited.jpg
Chris and Deer ready for action_edited.j
Chris with TV (front shot).jpg
Chris and Deer in spaceship 1.jpg


Standard Charter Bank Credit Card, Aug. 2000, Thailand

Chris with Kh. Sek.jpg
Chris with Toto.jpg


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